Special Value Expressway Bus. Tokyo Sta. - Narita Airport

Tokyo Sta. - Narita Airport

  • Adult one-way fare 1,000 yen

  • Leaves every 20 mins during day

  • Direct access to Tokyo Sta.

  • No transfers, so can remain seated

  • Ticket combos for subway, etc

Thanks to our 7,000,000 passengers!


Tokyo Station - Narita Airport fare

One-way fare
Same-day payment*Departure from Tokyo Sta. before 5:00AM will be charged late night/early morning fare
  • Narita Airport → Tokyo Sta.

  • Tokyo Sta. → Narita Airport

  • 1,000yen

    Late night or early morning fare: 2,000 yen

Round-trip tickets
  • Narita Airport ←→ Tokyo Sta.

  • Sold only for Narita Airport departure

  • 1,900yen

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Simple Boarding Guide

When boarding at Narita Airport

One ticket for Tokyo Shuttle, please.

Keisei Bus Ticket Counter
1st floor of Narita Airport

Tokyo Shuttle Bus
Exterior corridor on 1st floor of Narita Airport

Find this logo!

  • Arrival at Narita Airport

    *In case of boarding late night/early morning bus between 22:00PM to 7:00AM,
    please come directly to bus terminal

  • Purchase tickets (or exchange)

    *Credit cards accepted

  • Go to bus boarding area

  • Get on bus

In case of boarding at Tokyo Sta.

Tokyo Sta. Keisei Bus Stop #3

  • Go to bus stop

  • Get on bus

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Tokyo Shuttle & Subway Pass

  • Round-trip ticket for Tokyo Shuttle

  • Tokyo Subway Ticket

Great deal ticket combo of "Tokyo Shuttle" & "Subway Pass" ticket, permits unlimited trips on Tokyo Subway

Regular price

2 one-way Tokyo Shuttle tickets 2,000 yen
Tokyo Subway
24-hour Ticket
800 yen

Combo example

Tokyo Shuttle round-trip ticket + Tokyo Subway 24-hour ticket


Combo ticket available with 48-hour ticket for 3,000 yen, or 72-hour ticket for 3,300 yen


Recommended Tokyo Sightseeing Route

Our recommended sightseeing tour for "Tokyo Shuttle & Subway Pass"

Narita Airport
Tokyo Shuttle
Approx. 90 minutes to
Tokyo Sta.
Tokyo Metro
Ginza Line
Toei Asakusa
Subway Line
Oshiage ('Skytree-mae', in front of Skytree)
Change at Daimon Sta. for
Toei Oedo
Subway Line
Tokyo Metro
Hibiya Line
Tokyo Metro
Marunouchi Line

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